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Louisville Commercial Locksmith Services

Take the necessary steps to make sure that your business is safe with help from Bowles Locksmith Service. From rekeying your business to providing you with an emergency exit device or a door closure, we got you covered. Your business is the key to our success!

Commercial Locksmith Service in Louisville, KY

Bowles Locksmith service provides full-service commercial locksmith services in Louisville, KY. Commercial properties have various requirements including lock maintenance, key replacements, and more. Our experienced team of highly skilled locksmiths is committed to working with local commercial clients to make sure your lock and key needs are taken care of from day one. We are a qualified team of locksmiths that understands how to deliver great results. If the goal is to go with the best, we are the right option for your needs. We will offer a seamless experience that is quick, easy-going, and in line with industry standards. 

Our commercial locksmith services include:

  • Key Replacements
  • Electronic Locks
  • Access Controls
  • Exit Devices
  • Lock Repairs and Installations
  • Master Keys
  • Door Hinge Repairs
  • Key Cutting
  • Lock Mechanisms
  • And More!


    Access Control

    Through access control systems, you get to decide who has the authority to enter your business location. Our team services and installs your access control system to provide you with dependable and technologically advanced security options that protect your property and your merchandise.

    Door Closures

    Our locksmiths will professionally install closures on all interior and exterior building doors. Heavy-duty and adjustable door closures assist with security and aid in proper door functioning. We also provide commercial door repairs in Louisville on all existing door closures, exit devices, and more.

    Exit Devices

    Exit devices in commercial business locations are necessary so that your business is compliant with fire and safety standards. Bowles Locksmith Service is able to properly install a variety of exit devices to your doors, allowing for proper business security and customer safety in case of an emergency.

    High Security

    Bowles Locksmith Service provides high-security locks and keys that are guaranteed to improve the security of your commercial property providing you with peace of mind. Our industrial-strength deadbolts, locks, and more can be customized to provide the ultimate protection for your business while helping to prevent intruders from taking advantage of your property.


    Name Brand Locks

    • Kwikset
    • Schlage Locks
    • Alarm Lock (Push Button Combination Locks)
    • Assa High-Security
    • US Lock Products
    • HES Electric Strikes

    Your Reliable Locksmith

    Bowles Locksmith Service serves commercial properties with a wide range of locksmith services. We specialize in access control, door closers, exit devices, high-security locks and keys, door adjustments, and more.

    Whether you are looking for door closures, exit devices, access control systems, or just a simple re-key, our team provides prompt assistance right at your business location. As a mobile locksmith in Louisville, our team provides on the spot reliable, trusted, and experienced services to our commercial business clients.

    Our locksmiths can quickly meet you on-site to troubleshoot concerns and provide expert customer care.

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    Full-Service Commercial Locksmith Company

    24/7 Emergency Service 

    It starts with choosing a 24/7 emergency service that is going to offer a comprehensive solution right away. Our locksmiths are readily available throughout the night and will be more than willing to assist as soon as the call comes in. If you are stuck outside the property and want to get in, we will take the time to help out right away. This is the ideal option for any lock-related emergency that pops up during the day. Whether it’s in the afternoon or around midnight, we are going to have someone on standby to help you out.

    Refined Results

    What is the most important requirement for commercial clients? It’s professionalism and making sure the job is done the right way. Our team of professionals has been doing this for a long time and has helped hundreds of commercial clients in the region. This experience allows us to offer a wonderful selection of locksmith services customized to meet the client’s needs. This leads to professional-grade results that are on par with modern standards.

    Fast Turnaround

    We understand the importance of a quick turnaround once the locksmith starts working. To meet our client’s expectations, we offer top of the line solutions without wasting time. Our full-service commercial locksmith has the capability of providing anything from a master key system to installing an exit device for your business. Our timeline is always straightforward, and we never leave our clients waiting. Feel free to ask about our services during the consultation and we’ll offer a comprehensive timeline immediately.

    Over 90 Years of Combined Locksmith Experience

    What makes us the best in town? When it comes to choosing the right commercial locksmith near you, it’s all about expertise and professionalism. We have been doing this for a long time and our expertise allows us to deliver top-grade results to all clients. We have worked with a wide array of locks, safes, and keys over the years. This experience is what allows us to shine and deliver value to our clients. If you want the best and wish to make sure the service is on par with your requirements, it’s time to give our team a chance.

    Certified Locksmiths

    All of our locksmiths are fully qualified, experienced, and trusted in the region. We never cut corners when it comes to offering useful locksmith services, understanding client needs, and making sure the job is well done. This includes taking the opportunity to sit down with the client and go through our portfolio of results. Our goal remains to put your mind at ease during the process while offering great results. This is what sets us apart as a reputable service provider. We continue to train and learn because clients deserve new-age solutions and it starts with us. When it comes to our team, you will know the job is going to be done the right way.

    Cutting-Edge Locksmith Methods

    We realize the importance of choosing a trusted locksmith that has been doing this for years. With our expertise, passion, and access to great equipment, clients can feel at ease throughout the process. We take the time to use the best and newest methods to make sure the process works out as planned.

    Affordable Locksmith Fees

    What about the rates for our commercial locksmith services? As a trusted and proven locksmith in the region, we always aim to offer competitive rates to all clients. We take the time to recognize what clients are looking for before setting our rates. This ensures clients get the best of both worlds when it comes to quality control and pricing. Feel free to speak to a specialist and understand what the going rates are. We will always go above and beyond to make sure the job is handled professionally and your budget is kept in mind. To learn more about the best commercial locksmith in town, please call in and have a specialist look at your emergency. We are more than happy to provide a long list of locksmith services at affordable rates whether this includes installing a new exit device, door closure, and or repair existing locks.

    Why Our Customers Choose Us

    Great business, Highly recommend!!
    Brandon Ryan
    22:40 06 Jan 22
    Overall great employees, very friendly and efficient. Highly recommend for anyone who needs a key on the go.
    Nick Smith
    23:08 05 Jan 22
    Was able to help me the same day I called. Very polite and professional. Would highly recommend.
    Sheila Matheis
    22:49 27 Dec 21
    They solved my problem (lost key to a truck toolbox) quickly and affordably. They went above and beyond and fixed my truck key fob for no additional cost. Great people and great service! I highly recommend .
    Jonathan Baird
    21:47 21 Dec 21
    From the second I called until the Time he showed up it was very very professional I did not have to wait long at all and the prices are amazing. Best servers I’ve had in a long time.
    Danna Miller
    00:53 19 Dec 21
    Very professional and prompt
    Paul Woosley
    14:50 18 Dec 21
    Easy, quick key battery change and new key too
    Richard Torres
    20:23 16 Nov 21
    My boyfriend went in today to have two faubs for his car serviced or replaced. They were extremely helpful and courteous! They didn’t try to sell or tell him his faubs needed replacing. They fixed his issue and he walked away very pleased with their service! They even saved him money!! Will definitely go back if needed!
    Honey Bronz
    22:36 13 Nov 21
    Down to earth good people. They were very understanding of my situation and honestly I don't know what I would have done if not for them.
    Todd Sill
    17:42 13 Nov 21
    Was able to get in and out with my car key fob. Whenever I need a locksmith, I know who im gonna call!!!
    Talynn Johnson
    23:11 09 Nov 21
    Wonderful people that run the place! The gentleman worked on our key fobs and got them to work pretty well. He gave us a discount because they were not 100% (He did everything he could) and that was great. Highly recommend.
    Devin Young
    20:02 09 Nov 21
    Excellent service. I was very impressed with the efficiency and ease of getting a key remote made for my car, was able to get it done within 5 minutes while baby was still sleeping in backseat!Highly recommend this company, would not hesitate to use them again!!Thanks again!!
    Miranda Kolberg
    18:29 06 Nov 21
    My experience with Bowles Locksmith was great. This is a family business and they all do a great job. If I ever need any locksmith work done I will always call Bowles Locksmith. They guarantee their work and you will always receive a pleasant experience.
    Angela Bowles
    12:04 05 Nov 21
    Lonnie was professional, on time, and even helped me with a special project while he was here! I won't say what, so everyone else does not expect it. Lol. My only issue with the whole experience was with the phone call to set up the appointment. I wish I had known some of my locks could not be keyed alike before he came. If I had known, I would have had new hardware here ready to go. Still, super service! I will use again and recommend.
    B Jenkins
    19:16 04 Nov 21
    They were really resourceful great customer service. On time and just nice wholesome pol We would definitely use them again Thank u BOWLES LOCKSMITH yall are so DOPE!!
    cresandra litton
    14:55 31 Oct 21
    These people saved my day, fast an reliable. Showed up right in time for me to make it to work. They are awesome HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
    13:29 28 Oct 21
    They were extremely helpful and did not mind helping me answer the questions I had. They even wrote down the door key code for me so I can have a spare made down the road if I end up losing the ones they made for me. Would recommend to anyone that asks for a recommendation
    william foubert
    20:47 23 Oct 21
    This company is one of the easiest company to work with. They made our transaction so very easy and were much cheaper than other competitors. The man I talked to was so very kind to me on the phone. I would definitely use this company again and will refer them to family and friends…..
    Chris Becker
    17:13 11 Oct 21
    Great service and prices. Cut and programmed two keys for my Honda, and had me on my way in less than an hour. Highly recommend!
    John Strobel
    18:12 18 Sep 21
    Broke down out of town and needed help getting my vehicle started minus a key or any locksmith within a two hour radius. Great communication, he guided me with photos I sent over and within minutes I was back on the road and out of harms way. “When you’re in a pinch, don’t flinch. Call Bowes Locksmith!” So much appreciated. Made getting here from Texas actual.
    john mata
    19:21 10 Sep 21
    When you're in pinch don't flinch call Bowles locksmith.
    Rene Martinez
    19:00 10 Sep 21
    Whole experience 10/10! Always answered the phone when I called, was very helpful. Ended up getting same day service! They were both very friendly! Would definitely spend money here again if needed!
    Telisha Rodriguez
    00:01 04 Sep 21
    Joe Son
    18:00 12 Aug 21
    I had called the first locksmith in my Google search. They had good reviews, but our conversation suggested this was not the company I needed use. I looked for one in my area. Read the reviews and called Bowles. After I described my issue and I listened to the response, I was uber excited I chose this company! Lonnie was very nice, professional, and did a great job. If needed in the future, I will definitely contact them again.
    Roxanne Lewis
    16:22 12 Aug 21
    Mr. Don was the best! He was communicative and very helpful. I typically do this type of thing myself with my husband but really needed a quick turnaround. This was perfect. Mr. Don answered questions for me and shared his experience and depth of knowledge with me. I enjoyed my time with him. I am glad for him that he has such a wonderful time working with his family! I look forward to meeting you all in the future if I get the chance.
    Kelly Rowan Burrell
    00:15 27 Jul 21
    I was having a problem with my key not being programmed to my car and I showed up and they got right to work. While they didn't have the correct key they ordered if for me and called me when it came in. When it did come it, it was so fast and perfect! This is the place to come! Family owned, nicest people ever!
    Veronica Kaigle
    19:41 23 Jul 21
    I had my only car key tear away from the fob. The dealership wished to have the car towed to their shop and wait for an opening to have one key made at a cost of 10% of what I paid for the car. Marissa worked with me for over two hours on the phone and in person to get a wallet key, new Fob key and transducer key for well under $100. Bowles has a new life long customer.
    George M
    16:43 22 Jul 21
    Absolutely amazing service and customer service was incredible
    Raliegh Inman
    15:57 20 Jul 21
    Great place. Helped my with myFord key on my 2014 escape.
    Jesse Sunderland
    17:39 18 Jul 21
    With there great knowledge they made the process very easy
    Rudy Coffman
    00:10 16 Jul 21
    Very happy with the job that was done, and Mr.Don is excellent!!!
    Medi Ride
    21:45 29 Jun 21
    EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. We showed up with blank key fobs and a broken toyota fob that was being held together with medical tape. Lonnie and Marissa never missed a step. They assembled fobs and cut two new keys using parts from our old keys, and programmed another then cut the blade for it as well. Lonnie personally tested each key to insure it worked properly. All this and never a grumble that we had walked in right before closing time. These are good people who are honest with their price. Definitely recommended
    Kim T
    18:42 09 Jun 21
    Very friendly and professional. I highly recommend Bowles Locksmith!
    Suzette K
    00:35 05 Jun 21
    Thank you Bowles Locksmith Services.You made my day! Accommodating, quick and efficient. Top of the list!
    Judy Oetinger
    13:48 28 May 21
    I lost my key to the storage room in our condo. Don was able to open it and made new sets of keys.I called five locksmiths and Bowles was the cheapest and they were very professional.I will use them again when I have locksmith problem.Noel J.Louisville, Ky
    Noel Javier
    13:00 27 May 21
    Absolutely the Best!!! Not only did a great job but was early and even same day service is not any extra charge like most others are. Wonderful experience with them, took care of us like family!!!! Will never use any other place!!! Our go to professional family from today forward!!!!! Thank You So Very Much!!!!!!! Can’t say enough how great you all are!!
    Rachael Rosso
    23:40 24 May 21
    The gentleman who came out was nice, friendly, worked in a timely fashion and cleaned up behind himself. I would use them again .
    Debbie Abbott
    20:24 24 May 21
    Excellent service. Would highly recommend.
    David Faulkner
    23:07 21 May 21

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